Oracle backplane for SignalR

A lot of people are using Oracle as their database of choice, in which case, they cannot just use the same database as a backplane just like you can use SQL Server if that was your database of choice. An option could be just to use REDIS or some other supported bus as backplane, but, that does mean that an additional infrastructure and/or software requirement in order to use the component.

For us as we support both Oracle and SQL Server, we wanted the experience for customers using Oracle the same as customers using SQL Server. Which meant that we needed to create an Oracle backplane.

How To Use

  1. Get the package Sdl.SignalR.OracleMessageBus from
  2. Before your

    call use

    GlobalHost.DependencyResolver.UseOracle("Data Source=orasrvr;User Id=testschema;Password=test123");

    Replacing the connection string.

  3. The package will create the necessary tables if they do not exist already.

You can also enable Oracle Dependency if you want to by specifying additional parameter during the `UseOracle` call.

The source is also available in GitHub, please feel free to fork or create a PR and report issues.

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